Monday, October 27, 2008

Academic writing - TPR method

I think the TPR method is a good way to learn Japanese. I have learn that human brain and the body need to work together to show the respond physically. Students show that they understand the language by doing actions. First, the students have to listen carefully and then try to speak on their own. Next, they give commands to each other in groups and respond physically. The TPR method has no exercise or reading but that isn’t a problem because the goal is only to listen and speak.

My idle-my parent

My parent was an important influence on me as a child. They were so patient and courageous in everything that happened to them. I was told once about their previous life when my mother, who was the youngest child had to do all the housework all by herself. My father on the other hand, had to walk miles away from his house to school across river and bushes early in the morning. He also had done many jobs to find money to pay for the school fees. Until now, they are still facing all the difficulties in their life patiently. They also love to help others and even help the person who had cheated or behave badly towards them. I listened to their stories once and I can feel how they strive in their life. Today, because of their influence, I strive to do my best in my life and I will make my parent the happiest person in this world.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Academic writing – a wedding ceremony

A wedding ceremony is a combination of two hearts in marriage. The purpose of the ritual is to avoid from sex and a slander about their relation. There are stages for wedding ceremony. The groom and the bride wear special clothes during the ceremony. The ritual begin with marriage contract (akad nikah) among the groom, “Tok Imam”, godparent (wali) and witness (saksi). Firstly, “Tok Imam” will hold the groom’s hand and say the words (lafaz). Then the groom has to repeat the words (lafaz) by himself clearly. If the witness (saksi) approve the words (lafaz), then its mean the groom and the bride are husband and wife legally. Next, the groom will put a ring to the bride finger and the bride greets her groom’s hand and kisses it. The ceremony doesn’t stop right there, but continuous to “persandingan” (sit close together). It happens the day after the marriage contract (akad nikah). A lot of people come in this ritual to see the bride and groom. The bride and groom sit together in special place with special cloth in same color. They eat together with guests and take pictures. After this day, the bride and groom will live together as husband and wife.

~Eid Mubarak Day~

One think that I most remember is the day after fasting month in Ramadan. It’s call as Eid Mubarak Day. Muslims cannot eat or drink during the fasting month, but opposite during Eid Mubarak Day as Muslims can eat or drink anytime in this time. It is a day of victory for us as we patiently went through the fasting month. As me and my family, we celebrate it with much kind of activities. First, we go to the mosque for special pray in the morning. Then we go to our grandparent grave for a while before return home. We prepared many foods like ‘rendang’, ‘nasi dagang’, ‘ketupat’ and ‘satay’ for our guests. We also serve many various types of cookies and drink. We wear our new clothes. My siblings and I shake hands with our parent and ask for forgiveness from them. After that, we take a lot of pictures among us and also with the guest. My parent also gives some money for our guest’s children before they return home. After Zohor prayer, it’s time for my family to go and visit our relatives and neighborhood houses. We shake hands with them and apologized to them for our mistakes. My younger brother, my nephews and I got some money from our relatives. My parent also brought us to their friend’s house. After got tired, we back to our house. As for me, I planned to visit my friend house in the second day of Eid Mubarak. I like this Eid Mubarak day because we can do a lot of things together and also getting close the relationship with our relatives and neighbors by visiting them.

Academic writing – a netball game

When I was 12 years old, I learned a lesson about co-operation as a team from my favorite game, playing netball with my friends. We practiced a lot everyday in the afternoon because we wanted to be the winner in every match. At first, I thought that this game was simple and easy. I just needed to catch ball and gave it to my friend at the GD position to goal it into the net before our match team took the ball from us. That was our mission, to win the entire game match. But then, a problem appeared as I wanted to be in the GD position. I wanted to make my team proud of me after I goal in the ball. Then when they gave me the chance to be the GD, I lost myself. I have changed to the bossy friend. I scolded my friend who cannot catch the ball. It was like I played alone and didn’t care about their feeling. I was like a leader at that time. I had changed a lot. After that, my friend lost interest to play with me. They didn’t talked with me anymore and didn’t came to the field to play the netball with me. Then I realized that I had been wrong to my friends. I had changed so quickly. So, I decided to call my friends. I apologized and promised them to change my attitude. From this experience, I learned the important of being co-operation and friendship in my team.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Sweet memories...

Sweet memory….. I’m not sure which one of my memories can be the sweet memory for me. What can I remember is when the first time I cook rice. My mother taught me about that. Firstly, she told me to wash the rice about three or four times. Then, she asked me to test the water level with my finger because if the water too much, the rice will be flaccid then. And, if the water is less, the rice later will be hard. Next, I just let the rice cooker for about 30 minutes or less. I’ve tried couple of times to cook the rice. But now, I can do it rightly and good to eat it. Besides that, I can still remember when I was sick. That was when I’m about six or seven years old. I had fever that time and my father brought me to the clinic. The doctor gave medicine to me, but then I can’t swallow it. Then, my father had to go back to the clinic once again to change the medicine with liquid medicine. The medicine wasn’t delicious of course, but if I took it, my father promises me to buy anything for me after I recovered from the fever.

Buying something just for its image

Some people in this world especially teenagers would rather to buy something just for its image. For an example, tv commercial shows a new motorcycle has been produced by Suzuki. A new trendy, elegant, attractive, energy and many more named as Ego will attract the teenagers to buy it when they see that the new motorcycle can catch an eye of people around when the motorcycle pass by. The teenagers think that they can be popular and show off to their friends when they own that new motorcycle. They don’t care much about the money they have spent for the motorcycle and how long can the motorcycle hold on because they just buy it only for its image.